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Our blog is full of topical news and issues about compliance issues.  We’re human, you’re human and we understand that if data protection and compliance isn’t your expert field then we want to help you find a path to the right answers. THE SOURCE helps you do that. 

Practice Hub Data Breach

A story from last month that Practice Hub, an online service for Chiropractors and other practices, was breached. Details emerged in May about a serious incident involving the Practice Hub data breach. We have been working to find out exactly what has happened and...

GDPR Compliance is only ever a phone call away

BACKGROUND GFHR Consulting is as an Independent HR Consultancy based in South East England. Founded by Gemma Farina in 2010, Gemma and her team of HR experts have helped hundreds of small and medium sized organisations with their HR issues, requests and...

Tories fined for Breach of the PECR

The Conservative party has been fined £10,000 for a breach of the PECR, the ICO announced today. The fine is for sending 51 marketing emails to people who did not want to receive them. The fine follows an ICO investigation relating to emails sent from the Conservative...

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