A business is hacked every 19 seconds in the UK.  Don’t become a victim of cybercrime. Let us help you with your protection and help keep you secure with cyber essentials certification.

Fortis DPC for Cyber Security

Get Cyber Essentials Certification with Fortis DPC

Cyber Essentials

You can get protected from cyber-attacks by gaining Cyber Essentials certification.  This scheme enables you to put in place a cyber security strategy that will safeguard your business from these cyber criminals.


Pricing for Cyber Essentials is individual to your business. This will depend on what processes you have in place and where you are in your cyber security journey.

The Source

Our blog is full of topical news and issues about compliance issues.  We’re human, you’re human and we understand that if data protection and compliance isn’t your expert field then we want to help you find a path to the right answers. THE SOURCE helps you do that. 

GDPR Adoption…the reality
GDPR Adoption…the reality

It is almost four and a half years since the GDPR became enforced in May of 2018. Since that date, when the world went mad over consent, subscriptions and other connection requests that most of the requestors ignored, we have had Harry and Megan, Brexit, Covid-19 and...

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