GDPR Annual audit

 The gdpr reQuires that your compliance is audited on a Regular basis

GDPR is not a ONe off event

Businesses evolve, grow, move and change over the period of a year. Therefore, it is vital that your GDPR status is reviewed at least once very twelve months. If your company is experiencing growth with an increase of staff of more than 10% then more regular audits are recommended. 

Our audit service ensures you on track and compliant.

 We will check that:

GDPR is still implemented in your business and has not been forgotten

Processing reamins compliant

New processing of data has been properly documented

Your Data Asset Register is up to date

Your Data Flow Map is relevant 

Your GDPR risk register is accurate and is able to demonstrate reduction in data processing risk on a regular basis

GDPR Training is carried and your training register is accurate and up to date

We offer a free one hour meeting to discuss your GDPR.  

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