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Welcome to our blog, The Source.

Welcome to our blog, The Source.

I know that business compliance can sometimes be overwhelming and I want to help you find your way to being and staying complaint.

THS SOURCE is a place for you to access and find out about the latest topics and insights that could  impact your compliance for GDPR, ISO, Cyber Security and PCI DSS.

Howard Freeman

Is New York the next City to enforce Data Protection?

New York Consumer Privacy Bill is to be Reintroduced On 13th May 2021, New York State Senator Kevin Thomas, the Chair of New York’s Consumer Protection Committee, reintroduced the New York Privacy Act (“NYPA”). The act is designed to be a comprehensive consumer...

Practice Hub Data Breach

A story from last month that Practice Hub, an online service for Chiropractors and other practices, was breached. Details emerged in May about a serious incident involving the Practice Hub data breach. We have been working to find out exactly what has happened and...