Welcome to the Fortis DPC Cyber Division Cyber Essentials Team.

We are here to help you become accredited to Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. So, whether you need some simple guidance, a little more help or a full service package, we can help you.

Please look at the packages below and select which one would suit you best. Please contact us here or call us on 03333 22 1011 to discuss how we can help you.

Cyber Essentials Solutions

Cyber Essentials Plus Solutions

Free cyber insurance is available to UK organisations with a turnover of less than £20 million. Includes 24 hour helpline to report a cyber incident. Total liability limit of £25,000. Terms and conditions apply.

All our Cyber Essentials Plus packages include an external vulnerability scan that covers up to 16 IP addresses. This scan is conducted online by our expert penetration testing team to ensure that there are no known vulnerabilities present on your Internet-facing networks and applications.

All our Cyber Essentials Plus packages are based on on-site testing at one location, of one type of user account, on up to ten sample devices. Additional workstations, mobile devices and build types may need to be tested to meet sampling requirements of the scheme. For further information, please see our FAQ.

Our certification guarantee is based on your organisation implementing all the required controls and providing us with your application to check before your first submission. The pre-check will assess your responses to the self-assessment questionnaire and determine whether you are likely pass on that basis. If we approve your responses and your first submission is not successful, we will then explain what you need to do in order to pass. If the correct amendments are made and submitted within two days and you are still not successful, we will cover the cost of repeating the Cyber Essentials basic certification.

Why get certified?

The benefits of Cyber Essentials certification 

In today’s digital world, it is likely that every organisation relies on digital services in some way. However, where there is technology, there is risk.

Many organisations, particularly SME’s, naively believe they are unlikely to be targeted by cyber attackers However, this is not the case ad means that the business owner may not understand the nature of cyber-crime. The reality is that most criminal hackers aren’t state-sponsored agencies or activists looking for high-profile targets, and they don’t bother taking tome to research potential victims. Instead, they’re opportunistic, using automated attacks to exploit your poorly protected targets.

Just as an organised burglar might scout for inadequately safeguarded properties, the modern cyber-criminal will send phishing emails or network scans looking for vulnerable systems.

Our team are trained and certified by IASME to deliver Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.

Certifying to Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus with us will help protect your organisation against such threats and reassure your clients that their data is safe with you.