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The GDPR Accountability Principle

Howard Freeman

Howard Freeman

The GDPR Accountability Principle is one of the data protection principles. It makes you responsible for complying with the UK GDPR. The regulation states that you must be able to demonstrate your compliance. It is sometime known as the seventh principle.

Accountability is the seventh principle of the UK GDPR

Therefore, you are required to put in place appropriate technical and organisational measures to meet the requirements of accountability.

Measures you must take

  • adopting and implementing data protection policies
  • taking a ‘data protection by design and default’ approach
  • putting written contracts in place with organisations that process personal data on your behalf. These are better known as Data Processing Agreements.
  • maintaining documentation of your processing activities
  • implementing appropriate security measures
  • recording and, where necessary, reporting personal data breaches
  • carrying out data protection impact assessments for uses of personal data. This is required if the processing will likely result in high risk to individuals’ rights and freedoms
  • appointing a data protection officer
  • adhering to relevant codes of conduct
  • signing up to certification schemes

However, the GDPR accountability principle obligations are ongoing. Therefore, you must review and, where necessary, update the measures you have put in place.These should be reviewed at least annually with a GDPR audit.

Privacy Management

However, if you implement a privacy management framework this can help you embed your accountability measures. It will help you create a culture of privacy across your organisation. A good example of this is ISO 27701.

Being accountable can help you to build trust with individuals and may help you mitigate enforcement action.

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