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Information Security

Cybersecurity is often the greatest concern for many organisations due to increasing dependence on digital systems alongside the growing scale and volume of cyber-attacks. However, one threat to information security, and ultimately corporate success, which cannot be ignored is espionage.

Espionage is one of the four key threats to national security according to MI5. For organisations involved in Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), the threat posed by hostile and foreign state actors is well documented and a successful espionage attack can have a devastating impact to key sectors and functions such as healthcare, utilities, defence, communications, and more.

For organisations involved in other commercial sectors, the espionage threat is as prevalent as for those in CNI. Competitors can be tempted to conduct espionage in order to steal confidential information and assets which they can use to their own advantage. For organisations who have invested vast amounts of time and money developing their own competitive advantage, such as an innovation, intellectual property or successful strategy, or who require confidentiality to protect their future potential such as their R&D assets, protective security measures against espionage are crucial.


Counter-Espionage Services

Espionage is conducted using a variety of cyber, physical, technical and human techniques, and most successful attacks use a combination of types. Employing a holistic view of the threat means that a range of different countermeasures must also be used, to protect different assets and manage the risk profile of the organisation against the full range of attack techniques. 

Esoteric are world-leading counter-espionage and counter-eavesdropping specialists, with over 20 years of experience helping global organisations, governments and individuals to protect their confidential information and conversations.

Esoteric offer the following services:

Information security strategy

Support in determining the optimum countermeasures strategy for your risk profile

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

Detection of illicit listening devices

TSCM training

Training security and front of house staff to conduct physical inspections, as well as using TSCM equipment purchased from Esoteric

Espionage awareness briefings

Raising awareness of the espionage threat and how to protect sensitive assets amongst the workforce

TSCM equipment

Equipment such as TSCM Lite kit, mobile phone detectors and blockers, and more

Physical Penetration Testing

An exercise to help evaluate the effectiveness of building physical security measures

Covert surveillance

According to the law of the land, conducting covert surveillance for legal evidence purposes

In-Place Monitoring Systems

A 24/7 monitoring system for the most sensitive locations such as boardrooms to protect against technical surveillance

Shielded rooms

Shielded rooms and containers to protect against Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

RF attenuation & EM egress services

Assessing the degree of shielding effectiveness of existing structures against radio frequency and EMI, or how exposed a building or space is to such threats

Cyber espionage review & Digital forensics

Reviewing cyber espionage incidents and gathering evidence of cyber evidence activity from digital devices. 

By working with Esoteric you are assured of the following:

Specialist trained in-house team

Government and military trained operatives supported by an expert team, all with BS7858:2019 security clearance minimum

Latest equipment and threat knowledge

Continuous training and networked with industry working and briefing groups

Accredited and trusted

Approved to BS EN 9001:2008 by the National Security Inspectorate; ISO 27001 by British Standards Inspectorate; Cyber Essentials by IASME; CHAS Accredited Contractor; FSQS Accredited; Safe Contractor Approved.


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