Feb 17, 2020 | Cyber Security, GDPR

Data protection health-checks

Howard Freeman

Howard Freeman

Why is a Data Protection Health Check important?

GDPR, other regulations and data protection best practices are not one time operations. They aren’t set and forget They are on-going, living projects that require constant attention and maintenance.

The GDPR Compliance Consultancy is here to assist you with this challenge. We provide a comprehensive Data Protection and GDPR Health Check. The check is to provide an objective assessment of your organisation’s current data protection posture.

The Data Protection and GDPR Health Check is a business critical tool. It is designed to identify how your organisation stands in relation to data protection legislation. The health check also provides a clear view of your data security posture.

The services includes assessment of:

  • Data processing in relation to the 6 Principles of GDPR
  • Privacy notices and DSAR processes
  • Policies and documentation in force in your business
  • Processes in relation to the eight ‘rights’ of data subjects
  • Technical data security capabilities
  • relationships with data processors and suitable contracts
  • Staff training, testing and awareness
  • Incident Response, Breach reporting and Breach Severity Assessment

We provide an in-depth analysis of your current data protection documentation, policies and processes. We examine the work from interviews and team workshops to ensure complaint behaviour. Consequently, our Data Protection and GDPR Health Check will identify the highest impact and risk areas. We will offer you detailed guidance to achieve a robust program of data protection and regulatory compliance. Therefore, we will deliver peace of mind to you and your business.

Being GDPR compliant is better than receiving a GDPR complaint. It is important that all the work carried out in the past remains relevant and is part of the culture of the company. But, how do you know if the is the case?

If you would like to know more please call us on 0333 22 1011 or book an appointment to discuss your GDPR health here.

Don’t leave this until a breach occurs. Give your GDPR a health check today.


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