Feb 10, 2021 | Articles, GDPR

DSP Toolkit for Care Homes

Howard Freeman

Howard Freeman

NHS Digital

The recently launched NHS DSP Toolkit for Care Homes was designed to help care homes with an NHS email address. Full compliance, or standards met is also available allowing care homes to take part in Coordinate My Care.

When registered, he care home faces a tad which initially looks simple enough. A small number of questions to be answered, what could be simpler. However, the reality is quite different. Home Management need to create a full set of GDPR compliance documents in order to complete relatively few questions in the toolkit.

This is not a criticism of the toolkit but the fact is, data protection and compliance is not a quick task. It needs great attention to detail and involves a great deal of work. We recently discussed this with a Home Manager in Surrey who confirmed that the whole process took seven full days. That is seven days not doing their job and creating other issues in the home.

Who Can Help?

What is the answer? We were referred to the NHS and to steam who will talk you through it. Sounds great eh? Not really. Whilst the service was free, it only provided guidance on the work needing to be done. The work still had to be done by someone in the home. A resource drain and with no one on hand to audit the quality of the work, who knows whether or not the home had actually met the required standard!

Those we have spoken to hated doing the work and felt that it created great pressure. Many of the homes wanted to take part in the Coordinate My Care program which provide access to patient records. However, many are put off by the amount of work needed and demanded by the DPS Toolkit. Help to talk them through it remains available but the work still needs to be done by someone!

Help is at Hand

And that is where we come in. Fortis DPC Limited is a full service compliance business that will deliver standards met for you. This means we will write the policies and procedures for you and do all the work needed. Therefore, home managers can get on with their jobs knowing that compliance is in safe hands.

We have three services to help you and they can be found here.

Want to know more? You contact us on 03333 22 1011, or get in touch here or book an initial consultation, which is free and without obligation, here.


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