Feb 20, 2020 | GDPR

GDPR Breach Reporting

Howard Freeman

Howard Freeman

GDPR Data Breach Support Service

Identifying a data breach under the GDPR is not easy and you must fully understand it in order to remedy and report. How do you follow the process for GDPR breach reporting?

Therefore, you need to who has been affected? What is the extent and what happened? So, finding out all this information within 72 hours can pose a challenge for any business. With the threat of a data breach becoming increasingly likely, it’s vital that your organisation is prepared to respond in a crisis.

With our GDPR Data breach support service, we’ll help you respond to an incident or data breach quickly. The response will be in line with the GDPR’s requirements. Therefore, you can resume your normal business operations with minimal interruption and hassle.

GDPR Data Breach Support Service

Receive access to our response team

When you experience a data breach or incident, our team of cyber security and privacy specialists will be on hand to help you. A suitable response will be prepared. Immediate action will be taken to meet the 72-hour reporting deadline. Identifying a data breach and its cause is critical.

Our team will:

Assess the nature and scope of the breach

Identify whether the breach needs to be reported under the GDPR

Report the breach on your behalf to the relevant supervisory authority if required

Manage all communications between your organisation and the regulator

Assess whether the breach poses a high risk to the rights and freedoms of the individuals affected

Prepare a GDPR breach reporting notification to the individuals affected

Document the facts relating to the breach, its effects and the remedial action taken. We will also evaluate how a recurrence can be avoided

How does this service benefit you?

Expert support and advice when you need it most and stop data breaches before damage occurs

Prepare to meet the GDPR’s 72-hour reporting deadline for GDPR breach reporting

Access to experienced GDPR consultants and legal advisors

Free training on incident response management

Take the pain out of GDPR breach reporting

Sign up now and reduce the hassle

With this service you’ll already be set up as a client, meaning we’ll be able to help you instantly. So, when time is critical, with a pre-approved breach response plan in place, we can help you as soon as you need us to.

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