Jan 16, 2020 | GDPR

GDPR Data Privacy Manager Service

Howard Freeman

Howard Freeman

Our GDPR Data Privacy Manager Service is for those in need of extra data protection support. The Data Privacy Manager team are available whenever you need them, via email, telephone and Zoom.

Data protection support for GDPR compliance

Even for those organisations who aren’t required under the Regulation to have a Data Protection Officer, it’s still essential to have solid advice and support from someone with a data protection background. Therefore, it is vital you have someone for an in-house role. However, it has become exceptionally difficult to find theright expertise since the Regulation came into effect. 

Our GDPR Data Privacy Manager Service is for organisations that need extra data protection support. Our team consists of experienced data protection professionals with the breadth and depth of knowledge required to offer advice and support on the complexities of the GDPR.

This service is available as an annual subscription depending on the needs of your organisation. Speak to one of the team for more details.

Provide virtual advice and guidance to the organisation on GDPR compliance. The annual fee includes the following:

  • Review and advise on privacy policies, procedures and documentation relating to the processing of personal data – Art. 39(1)(a)
  • Oversee the establishment and maintenance of the personal data processing register (the Article 30 Record) – Art. 39(1)(a)
  • Advise on the necessity of a data protection impact assessment (DPIA), the manner of its implementation and outcomes – Art. 39(1)(c) (The DPIA can be undertaken by us as a separate service)
  • Provide guidance on data breach monitoring, management and reporting – Art. 39(1)(a)
  • Serve as the contact point for data protection authorities for all data protection issues – Art. 39(1)(d) and (e)
  • Provide advice and guidance on responses to DSAR’s from individuals (information, access, rectification, objection, erasure, right to data portability) – Art. 38(4).
  • Therefore we can provide advice and guidance on responses to privacy rights requests from individuals
  • Facilitate GDPR awareness training and the training of staff involved in data processing operations 
  • Monitor compliance with the GDPR – Art. 39(1)(b)
  • Assist clients with information collection to identify personal data processing activities; verify GDPR compliance of the processing activities; provide advice and guidance on compliance best practice
  • Quarterly report for senior management to ensure corporate governance of the Regulation.


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