Aug 11, 2020 | GDPR

GDPR Periodic Audits

Howard Freeman

Howard Freeman

Why carry out GDPR periodic audits?

Article 32.1.d of the GDPR, data controllers and data processors must implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of security. This security should be appropriate to the risk. The regulation states that businesses must regularly test and evaluate the effectiveness of the measures adopted for ensuring security of files.

Staff training is also important as the way your team access and process files Laos include security measures. It is not just IT security that we are talking about.

However, the GDPR does not lay down specific procedures or a specific format for those review and evaluation tasks. Consequently, unless binding national regulations state otherwise, data controllers and data processors are not required to conduct a specific type of mandatory audit.

These are defined in national regulations adopted under Directive 95/46. On the contrary, the data controller or processor has the discretion to define the procedures for review and evaluation. This is provided that those procedures ensure complete verification and assessment of risks connected with the security of files.

Our approach

Approaches will differ if the data controller or processor has voluntarily adhered to a given code of conduct. Such a code will define detailed procedures for testing and reviewing purposes. If you are bound by national regulations that, being aligned with the GDPR anyway, will then impose specifically defined (and mandatory) audit procedures which means carrying out GDPR periodic audits.

Does this sound confusing? Audits are the best way of ensuring your compliance standards have not slipped and that your data remains safe. Waiting for a yearly audit of your GDPR processes and procedures and their effectiveness, represents high risk to your business. Therefore, let us carry out a periodic audit and keep you up to date and safe.

Our periodic audit service is a simple way for us to carry out a check-up on how well you are working within the GDPR. We will make recommendations for improvement as required. We offer a full report including grading on levels of potential non-compliance and a gap analysis.

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