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What is an Information Security Policy?

Howard Freeman

Howard Freeman

It is well known that your people are the weakest part of your business security defences. You can spend a great deal of time designing processes to protect your business. You can then invest in state-of-the-art technology to detect threats. However, these will only work if the people using them know what they’re doing. This is why you need an information security policy.

Therefore, this is why information security policies are one of the most important parts of an organisation’s defence. An information security policy is a list of instructions for your people to follow in various scenarios. The policy will cover a range of topics, such as acceptable passwords and how often to back up data.

Information security policy
Information security policies are one of the most important parts of an organisation’s defence

What are information security policies for?

Information security policies are based on the output of risk assessments. This type of assessment will identify vulnerabilities. Consequently, you can select suitable security measures to allow you to mitigate risks.

A well-written policy addresses the specified risks and the steps in place to mitigate them. The policy explains how employees will be trained to be better equipped to deal with the threat.

For the threat of phishing, for example, the policy should explain what phishing is. The policy must instruct employees on whom to contact if they suspect they’ve received a phishing email. It will also detail whether the organisation covers phishing as part of its staff awareness training.

Many information security policies are hierarchical. This means they will apply differently to various levels of seniority. More senior staff will generally have access to more sensitive information and use it in different ways. The organisation’s policy must address this issue.

Need help creating your policies?

Documenting your policies takes a lot of time and effort, and you might still overlook key policies or fail to address important issues. However, you can avoid those problems with our help. 

We don’t use tools or any sort of templates. We use specialist human beings. They will discuss the challenges you face and then carry out a risk assessment for you. From this, we will produce your policy. We will create an information security policy that aligns with the best practices outlined in ISO 27001.

Therefore, if you want to ensure you have complete coverage of your information security concerns, contact us today. Alternatively, you may want to simply accelerate the documentation process. Whatever your reason, call us today and book your service call with our cyber security team.

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