27 Jun 2020 | GDPR

GDPR DPIA Support Service

Howard Freeman

Howard Freeman

DPIAs will help to determine the most effective way an organisation can comply with the data protection legislation. A DPIA will help to identify any risks to the processing of the data. The DPIA helps to put measures in place to mitigate these risks.

If the processing of data is likely to pose a high risk to individuals, then the requirement to complete a DPIA.

DPIAs are particularly recommended when implementing new IT systems. In addition, if the data is going to be used or shared for a new purpose.

A DPIA should be carried out whenever there is a plan to carry out “high risk” processing. This includes the profiling of individuals and processing special categories of data, on a large scale. If you believe or you would like us to assess your risk, please call us on 03333 22 1011. Alternatively, you can book a DPIA consultation here so that we can advise on how best to proceed.

If we deem the risk to be too high, we will issue a written warning not to process the data.

Once the DPIA proves necessary, we will guide you through the process and deliver the DPIA for you.


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